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The Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce announces

the creation of a new program.

A Gathering of Women Leaders - The Power of Thirty®. 

          This program will be different from other professional and executive women’s groups.  We choose not to simply meet and listen – we choose to leverage the power of the women in the program to bring their issues, bring their resources and bring their experiences - to demonstrate the power of thirty professional women to get things done.

What is different about The Power of Thirty®?:

          We will be Looking at Business from Our Perspective.  This charter program of 30 women leaders will form into six panels with five members each to explore topical business, professional, educational, social, political or economic issues of their own choosing.  The results of each panel’s exploration of the topic will be shared with the entire group at bi-monthly meetings of The Power of Thirty®.  These meetings will serve as opportunities to inform, educate, challenge, and share experience and expertise on a wide variety of selected issues with the members. 

          Perhaps one panel would like to explore best practices for workforce development and succession planning; another might wish to use the program to face the one thing they fear (public speaking, salary negotiations, the illness or loss of a parent or partner); a third might choose to educate the group on the power of advocacy and the way to reach the right people in Richmond or Washington to advance your business interests.  The choice of topics will be up to the panel.   We’ll maintain and build a Power List of topics—good ideas submitted by any member and from which any panel could choose if interested.

          Meetings will be held at The Power House, in a private setting appropriate to candid discussions.  We anticipate the meetings being approximately 2 hours, bi-monthly.

Preparation for each meeting will be at the discretion of the panel presenting; meetings to select the topic, do the research, and build the discussion / presentation will be managed by the presenting group.  Each panel will do only one presentation a year.  The Power of Thirty will gather to share in, discuss and leverage the results of each panel’s work.

Program Criteria:

          Participation in The Power of Thirty® program will be by application, and candidates should apply based on the following criteria (candidates must satisfy both criteria):

           1. Each member must have at least 10 years of work in her profession

          2. Each member must:

                 a. Be a “C” level officer or director in a for‐profit business with at least 11 employees

                 b. Be a “C” level officer or director in a not‐for‐profit

          Applicants who meet the program criteria will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.  To ensure diversity of experience, the first qualified applicant from a professional concentration to join will be afforded preference.  A steering group has been formed to manage the program.  Attendance at 80% of the program meetings is expected.  Once accepted, there will be a fee to join the program; we feel that the experience will provide value to you and your business.         

Perhaps you could join us and leverage The Power of Thirty®.

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